Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Hello Hello Hello

So.. I'm new to all blogging stuff, so I hope I'll get it right! :) 
This is gonna be a blog for everything that inspires me, stuff I made from scratch or just re-fashioning some old items. And I hope you'll like it! :))
And because is getting pretty cold outside, my fist post will be about some cosy scarfs I made couple of weeks ago.

Something elegant from shiny mesh fabric.
It's a perfect match to the feather headband I bought from "Poundland" :)
The necklace is actually part of a trim I used for a belly dance outfit. :)

Pink mesh with some ruffles makes an awesome light scarf.

Black mesh fabric and nude colour lace trim.

Re-fashioning old t-shirt with some ribbon flowers and bows.
Of course it's pink again. :)

A closer look...

Pink lace fabric in combination with white lace trims.

And yeah... I really like pink! :))))

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