Friday, 20 April 2012

Refashioning Tank Top

Hey hey hey! I've got another interesting refashioning for you. 
I picked up this old tank top to give it a new life. :) Cut out a heart from lace fabric and pin it down on the back of top.

And then just stitch around the edges and cut the fabric from the top so only the lace will show.
Ta daah! 

And a closer look. :) This is the back, but I think it will look good in front too.

I hope you liked it! See you soon!


Soccer Mom Style said...

I was going through your recent posts and saw this. I think it's so funny I had a very similar diy (i did not cut the fabric, hears lace heart appliqued to a tee). and the funny thing about it is that we posted on the same day!!! great minds think alike!

Nina Mia said...

Omg! I just saw that too! :) Actually I fought about leaving the fabric, but in the last moment decided to cut it off. :)) We could try make the same thing on purpose next time and post pictures to track each others technique. xx Nina Mia

upper-palatinate-rocks said...

good idea! love this DIY couture !! thanks for your comment, i love it !!!!!!!!!!

Sasha Fitzgerald said...

LOVE this! Fantastic idea!