Friday, 5 October 2012

Denim Bracelet

Hiya! I have something new for you today! This is refashion and recycling in one.
I used this plastic bottle:

Then glued a denim strap around it...
...added some lace trim...
 And Voila!
 Very simple and easy! I hope you like it!


estroJen said...

Great idea!!! a beautiful way to recycle old bottles!!



Diana said...

Very cute Nina and the possibilities are endless! Love Di ♥

Sharon said...

Looks great! Love the lace.

Heddy said...

please look at my blog:)

Veronika † said...

it's really great DIY!:)

Nia said...

Very cute ! I really like it :)

Vief said...

thanks for your comment! this looks lovely, it's so easy and adorable, great job!
love, Vief

Chari T said...
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Chari T said...

I LOVE THIS!!! you have a really interesting blog!! would you like to follow each other..... I follow you now :) much love
Chari T (deep fried stilettos)

Nina Mia said...

Thank you girls! I've never thought so many people will like this bracelet! I'll post another one soon for all of you who like recycling and refashion!

Sharina said...

I love it!! ♥


The Misty Mom

Marcela Gmd said...

Great idea!!! beautiful!!! would you like to follow each other?
Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

invisiblefashion said...

I like your blog so much! Would you like to follow each other? :)

Maya Topadze Griggs said...

this is too cute. well done!

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Emily Jane said...

I love this, so cute! May have to try it myself one day.

Emily Jane xo

Sidra shahid said...

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