Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Something New For The Autumn

The summer is gone...not that I felt like there was any summer in England :), but know it's definitely over. It's getting cold and rainy more often...and it makes me melancholic. That's why I've changed the "face" of my blog a little bit to match my mood and the weather. I hope you'll like it this way and if you have any suggestions and comments I'll be happy to hear from you!
On a brighter note, I forgot to mention 5 weeks ago my cat had 4 little kittens. :)

Fromm left to right: Fluffy, Batman, Tiger and Zombie. :) Aren't they sweet? I'm taking care of them til they are old enough to move in some nice, warm homes and make somebody very happy! :)
So...this is from me for now, see you soon!


Mel Of Bacchus said...

So sweet! Love the name batman! So incredibly cute!

Diana said...

How precious!!
Love Di ♥

Helen @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

Did you change the background? I love it!

The second kitten, batman I think, looks like my kitten tiger! Your kittens look SO cute! I love kittens! I had 5 but had to leave them behind with other people when I moved. I miss them terribly!

Blue Eyed Beauty Blog