Wednesday, 9 May 2012

DIY: Simple Zip Clutch

Hello there, long time no see! :) Today I've prepared for you very easy DIY tutorial. We're gonna make a simple zip clutch bag. All you need is some old magazine, masking tape, a zip, some fabric and needle and tread. 

Get the cover from the magazine and apply the tape all over it. Then lay it over the fabric to measure how much you need to cover the both sides. And here is Stressy trying to figure out what am I doing.:)

Sew the fabric around the magazine cover, then fold and sew the sides along. It must look like this:

All that's left is to insert the zip. I chose a light pink one for mine.

And Voila! I just stitched the ends of the zip together.

I have flowers accessories that can be used as a decoration on the clutch.

I hope you liked it! See you soon! xx


Vief said...

Nice idea! I looove the flowers, maby I'm gonna make a clutch witch flowers all over it myself! :)
xo Vief

Nina Mia said...

Thank you, Vief! I'd love to see your version, it sounds great! :) xx Nina Mia