Tuesday, 1 May 2012

DIY: Wedding Ring Cushion

This is a short tutorial how to make your own wedding ring cushion. All you need is 2 pieces of white jersey; 2 pieces of  white lace; red ribbon; scissors; needle and tread and some left cut outs or tissues.

Stitch the pieces of jersey on each side leaving one side open. Then do the same with the lace. You should now have 2 pocket-like pieces. Insert the jersey pocket into the lace one.
Then fill it in with tissues or left cut outs of fabric. Stitch the open side to close it. Then wrap the red ribbon around. I stitch the ribbon to the cushion at the crossing part so it won't move.
Then make a nice bow that will hold your wedding rings. And Voila!
I hope you like it! I haven't decided yet if I want to put lace trim around the edges of the cushion or not. What do you think?


mtg said...

I getting so excited for you! The ring cushion turned out beautiful too. You're so smart!

Nina Mia said...

Ooow thank you so much, Maya!
xx Nina Mia

Katy said...

I might totally take you up on making the ring cushion. I'm getting married in August, when are you getting married?!!

Nina Mia said...

Aaww thank you, Katy! And congratulations, August is great month for weddings! :) I actually just got married this Saturday, but I've been too busy to post some of the wedding photos! Hope I'll manage soon!